Our Three Pilars

Art and Culture

These are programs and activities that showcase Haiti’s rich culture through art, music, dance and food.  They help us connect better with the broader community in Indiana.


These are programs to educate our community and educate the broader community about the Haitian culture so we can work together in a space of mutual understanding.


This is the work that we do to voice the issues affecting the Haitian Community in Indiana.  It doesn’t come with a lot of fanfare but it is vitally important.

Meet Our Sponsors

HAI would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for participating in and supporting the Haitian Heritage Month this year.  We are especially grateful to all of our sponsors, we could not have done it without you. We strive to bring you quality programs and activities so we hope you enjoyed it.

HAI vle pran yon ti tan pou remèsye nou tout pou sipò nou ak patisipasyon nou nan selebrasyon eritaj Ayisyen ane sa.  Nou vle di you gwo kokenchenn mèsi a tout sponsor nou yo, nou pa tap ka fè travay sa san nou. Manm HAI ap travay tout tan pou pote pwogram ak aktivite ki bon nan kominote a e nou swete’w te pase yon bon tan.