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Job Fair

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Brightview Landscapes is hosting a job fair this Saturday and you are invited to check it out and to see if you might be able to take advantage of some of the opportunities they offer. They will have Creole, Spanish, and English speakers on site to answer any questions you have.

Don’t miss it!
Please share if you know someone who could benefit from this.

Happy New Year 2018

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Bòn Ane 2018. Nou vle pran opòtinite sa pou nou di ou yon gwo mèsi pou sipò nou bay Asosyasyon an ak kòz Ayisyen nan ane 2017 la. Nou renmen’w e n’ap espere’w jwenn lanmou, pwosperite, lapè ak benediksyon ane sa. An’n travay pou nou rive pi wo nan ane 2018 la!


Happy New Year 2018 Everyone. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your support of the Haitian Association of Indiana and Haitian causes in 2017. We love you all and wish you love, prosperity, peace of mind and many blessings. Let’s make 2018 a year to remember.


2017 Haitian Flag Day Celebration

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Last May, the Haitian Association of Indiana hosted over 300 people at our annual Flag Day celebration.  This year’s event will take place on Sunday May 21st, 2017 at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. This flagship event celebrates over two hundred years of Haiti’s rich culture and heritage.  Our theme this year, “Our flag is our pride!” is intended to spotlight Haiti’s cultural history through the ethnic sounds of Haitian music, dance and poetry. HAI is asking for your help to share this cultural extravaganza with the community.

This year, the proceeds from the event will be used to support;

  1. The Haitian Community Center which will allow the Association to focus more effort on the growing needs of the community.
  2. The HAI dance academy to benefit youths in the community and expose them to the Haitian Culture.

Did you know the Haitian Flag is one of the oldest flags in the world? Since the 18th century it has been considered a symbol of unity and pride for the people of Haiti. Haitian Flag Day is tightly linked to a history of struggle and freedom and is celebrated internationally during the month of May.


T-Shirt Design Contest

HAI will be holding a shirt design completion for this year’s Haitian Flag Day Celebration.

All entries should include our theme:
Drapo n’ Se Fyete n’

The winning design will be used on this year’s t-shirts and the winner will receive a $50 gift card.
Please contact me at 317- 698- 3283 or inbox me on Facebook at Dafneysa Lavache for more information.
All Designs are due by March 18,

Call for Drummers

The dancers of the Haitian Association of Indiana are in need of drummers for upcoming performances in December and January!

Both professionals (experienced) and inexperienced are welcome.
Contact us
Send us your 1) Name, 2) Phone Number, 3) E-mail, 4) Dates of availability, and 5) Earliest availability.
PROFESSIONALS: Please also list your rate, and indicate which groups and/or projects of which you are affiliated.

Haiti News Corner

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After many months of failed elections and election attempts, the Haitian government is unable to secure a policy on the future of the country’s government. The leaders of the Haitian government are now scrambling like many times before to come up with an agreement on how to lead the country forward. The current seating president, Michel Martelly’s, term will expire on February 7, 2016. President Martelly has stated that he does not desire to remain as Head of State after the established constitution date of February 7th.
The only option at this point is to establish an interim government that will help organize a successful election to replace president Martelly. To facilitate such process, the Martelly’s government has summoned the help of the organization of American States (“OAS”), which the Opposition also known as G8 refused to meet with. The G8 oppositions has stated that the “objective of the OAS is to control the Haitian people to establish another US base puppet government and is unable to play a mediating role in Haitian Crisis”.
Based on the administration advisors and the OAS’ recommendations the Martelly administration is making some moves in a way to ease the process of establishing the interim government. One of which is the resignation of the current Prime Minister and a meeting with the two cabinets prior to the February 7th deadline. Still the questions remain: “What good an interim government will do Anyway?” and “who will be taking part in it?” since the Opposition and the Tèt Kalé government refused to meet on a consensus.

~Wil Nonord HAI Secretary

Refer to these links for additional news about Haiti (FRENCH) (ENGLISH)


2016 Haitian Flag Day Celebration – Performers Needed

HAI is seeking performers for our 2016 Haitian Flag Day Festival
 *Welcoming boys and girls, kids an adults man and Woman*
For more information contact Dafney 317 698-3283 (text or call anytime)
Please join our dance team

Prior dancing experience is not a requirement. 

We are here to learn together and it’s a great opportunity to meet new people

Haiti 2015 Simulation 101

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Greg and Nan Howland traveled to Cap Haitien, Haiti in September 2015.  Their goal was to use simulation as an avenue to discuss feedback and to develop teamwork and critical thinking.  The Haitian Association of Indiana assisted by translating the presentation, scenarios and video script into Creole.


Members also participated in the simulation videos speaking in Creole, the language of the attendees.  Their contributions helped to make the presentations a success.  The Howland’s presented at a Leadership Conference for pastors, community leaders, physicians, nurses and paramedics.  They also presented at a community healthcare clinic and a nursing school.




Faith Church and Pastor Bruno hosted a Leadership Conference with the focus on Servant Leadership. Pastors and Community leaders attended. Simulation was presented to physicians, nurses and paramedics in the afternoon. Dr. Renaud Gerve and Nan Howland shared how simulation can be used to practice communication and critical thinking.




Simulation was presented to the staff at Pro Famille Clinique, a community healthcare clinic. The staff attended the simulation presentation and then applied that information the same day. They used simulation to recognize how they could improve their response to delivering care in an emergency situation. Staff members used critical thinking and communication to identify ways to work better as a team.




Simulation 101 was presented to instructors at the School of Nursing. The emphasis was on giving feedback to students to develop their critical thinking.

PRESS RELEASE – Haitians in the Dominican Republic

It is with great sadness that the Haitian Association of Indiana (HAI) and its members are observing the injustice happening in just a few days as the Dominican Republic will declare around 250,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent stateless. They will have no citizenship and no rights. An enormous number of deportees have no ties to Republic of Haiti and Haiti cannot support an additional quarter of a million people as refugees. In spite of our frustration and feeling of helplessness this is an enormous human rights violation that we feel warrants immediate action.

This is against established international laws and therefore HAI calls on the United States Government, the United Nations and the International Community to prevent this tragedy from happening. HAI asks that the Dominican Republic stops its planned cleansing of 250,000 black Dominicans.


International Fair at the Zionsville Library

On February 21st at the Zionsville Library 2015 international fair 15 countries were represented including Haiti. The Haitian Association of Indiana was there representing Haiti with a display of art and a performance by our patron Ms. Nancy Val. Even though the weather was very bad that day there was a very good turnout and everyone who came enjoyed themselves. We had many positive comments from people who were at the Library and it was a very festive afternoon!

This is another demonstration of how HAI is living out its mission and vision.



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