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Assanble Piblik (Townhall Meeting)

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Èske’w fèk vin nan zòn nan? Èske w’ap travay? Èske’w vle amelyore kondisyon lavi’w?   Vin patisipe avèk nou nan rankont sa. Plizyè Ajans ap la pou pale sou resous ki disponib pou ede’w.

Are you new to the area? In need of employment? Need to better your living situation?   Join us to learn about resources that are available to you through the participating organizations.


The Haitian Flag

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During his leadership of the Haitian Revolution, Toussaint Louverture usually portrayed himself as a legitimate agent of a French administration. As such, his forces typically flew the Revolutionary French Tricolore — vertical bands of blue, white, and red.

The first purely Haitian flag was adopted on May 18, 1803, on the last day of the Congress of Arcahaie, about fifty miles north of Port-au-Prince. Haitian law holds that the newly appointed revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines created the flag by taking a French tricolor and ripping out the white center, which he discarded. He then asked Catherine Flon, his god-daughter,[4] to sew the remaining bands together. The white pale removed, the blue was taken to represent Haiti’s black citizens and the red the gens de couleur. The story is widely known in Haiti: the anniversary of the date is celebrated as the Haitian Flag Day and images of Catherine Flon have appeared on Haitian currency and stamps.[5]

Following his proclamation as Emperor Jacques I, Dessalines promulgated a new constitution on May 20, 1805. In it, the colors of the flag were altered to black and red.[6] This flag being subsequently adopted by Henri Christophe, the republicans under Alexandre Pétion returned to the colors blue and red, subsequently turning them horizontal and adding the newly adopted Haitian coat of arms.

During the period of the Haitian Empire of Faustin I, his coat of arms was used on the flag and for official functions, but it was subsequently abandoned upon his removal from office.

Between 1964 and 1986, the family dictatorships of François “Papa Doc” and Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier returned to Dessalines’ black and red design. They included the national coat of arms, but altered the flags in its trophy to black as well.

Because the coat of arms is only used for national and military flags, whereas the civil flag consists solely of the two unaugmented horizontal bands, it was discovered at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics that Haiti and Liechtenstein were using the same flag. This led to the addition of a crown to the design of the flag of Liechtenstein.[7]



HAI with George Hill

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On February 18, 2014 The Haitian Association of Indiana was invited to meet George Hill of the Indiana Pacers and had the opportunity to thank him with an award for his committment to support a cause that is dear to us.

In late August 2013, Hill traveled to Onaville Haiti with Kids Against Hunger to host basketball camps for local children and distributed food to villages in need. Moved by his life-changing trip, Hill is committed to making annual trips to Haiti and bringing others along. 

HAI representatives with George Hill

HAI representatives with George Hill

Volunteers Needed


The Haitian Association of Indiana is seeking to fill some positions on the executive and other key committees for the years 2017 and 2018.  If you have an interest in any of these positions or serving in any of these committees please send us a message and one of our members will contact you with more details. 

Previous leadership or committee involvement is welcomed but more importantly a willingness to work hard and a desire to bring about improvement in the social well being of Haitians and Fiends of Haiti in the community is preferred.  

If you are interested please call us at (317) 698-9096 or email us at


We are seeking volunteers for these position:
Vice President of Marketing (two-year term)
Treasurer (two-year term)
Secretary (two-year term)
Manager – Community Center


We are also looking for volunteers to help in these committees:

Development Committee
Finance Committee
Public Relations Committee


City County Special Resolution No. 33, 2012

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On June 4, 2012, the Haitian Association of Indiana was recognized for its cultural diversity
during the City-County Council meeting of the City of Indianapolis and of Marion County.

“The Council extends its appreciation and gratitude and wishes the Haitian Community Center continued success”.

Click on the following link to watch video:
– Then select: PROPOSAL NO. 217,2012

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