The Haitian Community

The Haitian Community in Indiana is a relatively young but rapidly expanding community. Leaders throughout the community continually strive to help new residents fully integrate into their new society.  One of the main goals of the Haitian Association of Indiana (HAI) is to help the Haitian community integrate into the local social structure and provide civic education by partnering  with various resources.

HAI regularly holds community meetings which provide information for the betterment of the community. HAI also engages in civic and cultural integration, not only to support the Haitian community here in Indiana, but to also help provide cultural perspectives to Missionaries that do work in Haiti.

When it comes to disseminating information to the community, HAI ensures the accuracy of the source of information and reliability of the data being presented to the community. Sometimes, due to language barriers and technical limitations, Some in the community are only able to access crucial information via mouth-to-mouth or through their Church. HAI within its capacity makes every effort to handle all information with care and tact.