HAI believes that while we strive to successfully integrate into our new community we must also maintain our own cultural identity.  Showing respect to other communities that we interact with and bringing diversity to the greater Indianapolis area, HAI advocates for the Haitian community as well as their individual needs, and hopes to expand the local community’s knowledge and understanding of the Haitian population.  HAI also serves as a gateway to further enhancing the newcomers’ integration into the area.

HAI engages with the stakeholders and service providers in our community–businesses, community based organizations, non-profits, neighborhood associations, churches, government agencies, educational institutions, leaders and policy makers – through events, meetings and presentations.  With the philosophy and belief of a reciprocal engagement and benefits system, HAI is committed to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the population as well as helping the service providers and neighbors in our community.

HAI also seeks to engage, support and connect with friends of Haiti and missionaries throughout the state that support Haiti and advocate on its behalf.