HAI since it’s founding has been a place where people in the community can connect with Haiti’s culture through food, music and dance.  Over the years, primarily in preparation for our flagship event, the yearly Haitian Flag Day celebration, and in support of other events in the community countless volunteers have dedicated their time, talent, resources to help kids explore and perform dance routines rooted in traditional Haitian folklore.

HAI is a place to explore creativity, build self esteem, and independent minds. For each individual, our community gives them a unique personal atmosphere to improve their abilities physically and mentally. It gives them, many of Haitian descent, an opportunity to immerse in their ancestral culture that they otherwise would not be very exposed to, living in Indiana.  With the vast experience of our choreographers and instructors, HAI embraces all the possibilities of finding success in any child or adult with the desire and helps them to express themselves through Haitian dances.

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