Program Overview

  • Provide businesses with trained, high-quality, supported, dedicated, and talented staffing support.
  • HAI is committed to provide individuals seeking employment an extensive training, meticulous support, and community reinvestment.
  • Clients receive instructions on the employment application process, personal appearance, interview preparedness, workplace protocol, resume preparation and a comprehensive plan for achieving stated career goals.


Continuous coaching : To increase job retention and reduces turnover.

1. Workplace protocol

  a. Non-Harassment Policy /Non-Discrimination Policy

  b. Complaint Procedure

  c. Drug-Free/Alcohol-Free Environment

  d. Workplace Violence Policy

  e.  Workplace Safety  

f. Accident Reporting

Rights of Privacy: Personal and Business

  a. Job Site Privacy

  b. Internet, Email, and Social Media Policy

  c. Use of Company Property