Ti Zanmi’m Summer Camp

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  1. Saturday 7/18
  2. Saturday 7/25
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Ti Zanmi’m

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Course Description
The goal of this course is to teach basic Creole structure, vocabulary, grammar, literacy and basic conversation skills to students with little or no knowledge of the Creole language. Participants will be expected to learn words from a variety of vocabulary lists. They will learn to read, write, speak, and understand some basic conversational themes. This course is preparatory to more advanced study of the language.

– Introduce students to the Creole language through listening, speaking, reading and writing.
– Focus on grammar elements to expand literacy.
– Encourage conversational dialogues
– Provide cultural awareness and appreciation of the Creole language, the Haitian culture and traditions.

Course Outcomes
– Demonstrate grasp of basic Creole concepts (i.e. phonetics, morphology, structure).
– Pronounce Creole well enough to be understood by a native speaker.
– Engage in simple dialogs with classmates.
– Identify people, classroom objects, days, numbers in Creole.
– Demonstrate a degree of knowledge of the Haitian culture and customs.

Methods and Materials:
– Class is conducted in both Creole and English
– Material for the weekly lessons will be made available for each class
– Online materials will also be made available for additional resources
– Participants are also welcomed to share other study materials with the group

Academic Responsibilities:
1. Materials – Please bring class material, workbook, notebook to every session.
2. Homework – You are encouraged to review other material and we will make an effort to forward appropriate videos or other online material that will help you develop you skills quicker. We will do our best to respond to email inquiries promptly.
3. Study – Since we only meet once/week homework is very important. Any amount of time you can find to engage in the material outside of class will be a great. It is essential for second language learning.
4. Attitude – Remember to have fun!!!