2018 Haitian Flag Day Celebration

Beginning Creole Class Interest Meeting

Interested in Learning Creole? Want to Immerse yourself more in the Haitian Culture and better understand the cultural nuances? Have questions about or are curious about things you heard or saw during your travels?

The Haitian Association of Indiana is planning the spring session, intended to be an Introduction to the Creole language and the Haitian culture.

To better gauge the level of interest and to better plan the session we are hosting an open house/interest meeting on 2/25 4-5pm.

If you’re interested please make plans to attend or contact us.

Call for Drummers

The dancers of the Haitian Association of Indiana are in need of drummers for upcoming performances in December and January!

Both professionals (experienced) and inexperienced are welcome.
Contact us
Send us your 1) Name, 2) Phone Number, 3) E-mail, 4) Dates of availability, and 5) Earliest availability.
PROFESSIONALS: Please also list your rate, and indicate which groups and/or projects of which you are affiliated.

Haiti 2015 Simulation 101

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Greg and Nan Howland traveled to Cap Haitien, Haiti in September 2015.  Their goal was to use simulation as an avenue to discuss feedback and to develop teamwork and critical thinking.  The Haitian Association of Indiana assisted by translating the presentation, scenarios and video script into Creole.


Members also participated in the simulation videos speaking in Creole, the language of the attendees.  Their contributions helped to make the presentations a success.  The Howland’s presented at a Leadership Conference for pastors, community leaders, physicians, nurses and paramedics.  They also presented at a community healthcare clinic and a nursing school.




Faith Church and Pastor Bruno hosted a Leadership Conference with the focus on Servant Leadership. Pastors and Community leaders attended. Simulation was presented to physicians, nurses and paramedics in the afternoon. Dr. Renaud Gerve and Nan Howland shared how simulation can be used to practice communication and critical thinking.




Simulation was presented to the staff at Pro Famille Clinique, a community healthcare clinic. The staff attended the simulation presentation and then applied that information the same day. They used simulation to recognize how they could improve their response to delivering care in an emergency situation. Staff members used critical thinking and communication to identify ways to work better as a team.




Simulation 101 was presented to instructors at the School of Nursing. The emphasis was on giving feedback to students to develop their critical thinking.

International Fair at the Zionsville Library

On February 21st at the Zionsville Library 2015 international fair 15 countries were represented including Haiti. The Haitian Association of Indiana was there representing Haiti with a display of art and a performance by our patron Ms. Nancy Val. Even though the weather was very bad that day there was a very good turnout and everyone who came enjoyed themselves. We had many positive comments from people who were at the Library and it was a very festive afternoon!

This is another demonstration of how HAI is living out its mission and vision.



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